Instruction how to import the BF Emblem
  1. You have to login to the Battlefield Battlelog -
  2. After it go to "Customize Emblem".
  3. Then you should create a new emblem with clicking "+ add" button.
  4. Go to the console of your browser (all actual browsers are supported) and press this keys combinations depending on your browser (for Google Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+J, for Mozilla Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+K, for Opera press Ctrl+Shift+I and for Internet Explorer just press the keyboard key F12).
  5. Paste the code below into the console and press Enter, making sure you get everything from the emblem.emblem.load to the ending semi-colon. (The Emblem will be loaded inclusive all its sheets and properties.)
  6. Then shut down the browser console with these keys Ctrl+Shift+J
  7. Click the "SAVE & USE" button in the upper edge on your right.

Google Chrome plugin for Battlelog Emblem Extended Editor

Battlefield Emblem Code (Click the code and press Ctrl+A to select the whole code and Ctrl+C to copy it and after Ctrl+V to paste:

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